AKT has been awarded a contract to install a 20 inch tie-in valved end via hot tap to the 36" South Rumaila gas gathering headed - North Rumaila NGL plant pipeline.
This project was awarded in April 2017.
The project involves; 
1.       Risk assessment Procedure and Safety Plan
2.       WPS/PQR/WQT for in- service welding
3.       Supply of split Tee (36” x 20”) with backing strips, studs, nuts, gaskets, and blind flanges
4.       Excavation, trenching andshoring to provide safe access for NDT activities.
5.       Location and identification of suitable hot tap area.
6.       Surface preparation for the split tee installation prior to welding.
7.       UT check for actual pipeline wall thickness and confirm flow.
8.       Proper fit up and support of split Tee.
9.       In-service welding of split Tee by prequalified welders.
10.    NDT for in-service welding – DPT + MPI.
11.    Scaffolding for hot tap location.
12.    Installation of ball valve on the split tee.
13.    Installation of hot tapping machine and hot tap execution.
14.    Testing of split tee, valve joints using nitrogen.
15.    Installation of blind flange prior to hook up to pipe spool.
16.    Painting of split tee and nipples.
17.    Construction of a valve pit. 
18.    Cleaning up the site and removing all equipment used.