Pipeline integrated Cathodic Protection Services on all BGC-KAz pipelines.


Brief Scope Of Work: Pipeline integrated Cathodic Protection Services for pipeline rehabilitation projects covering over 75 pipelines in different locations belonging to Basrah Gas Company. This project includes;

1.    Cathodic protection system effectiveness survey carried out on all pipelines and facilities.

2.    Cathodic protection pipeline coating evaluation survey carried out on all pipelines.

3.     BGC KAZ pipeline cathodic protection system maintenance, rehabilitation and upgrade.

4.    Installation and commissioning of transformer rectifiers and change outs.

5.    Cable fault investigation and replacement on all pipelines.

6.    Renovation and replacement of cathodic protection test posts.

7.    Insulation flange/joint renovation.

8.    Bonding facility fabrication and installation.

9.    CP deep well ground bed construction.

10. Isolated Potential balancing and Sacrificial anode installation.

Client: Basra Gas Company Iraq.

Location: On All BGC KAZ Pipelines /Basrah.

Duration: 18th Of January 2015 till Date.